Meditative forest therapy walks


A Forest Therapy walk is a sensory-focused, easy-paced, guided excursion through a natural area.  The format is flexible and can vary in duration from 1-3 hours.  The guide provides supportive “invitations” that promote unique opportunities to enjoy other-than-human nature individually and in a group setting. These easy-paced walks typically cover under a mile in distance. “The Forest is the Therapist. The Guide opens the doors.”


What are the elements of a forest therapy walk?

  • Participant & guide introductions
  • Brief background of Forest Therapy
  • Site/trail awareness and safety
  • Sensory-focused invitations: core and customized
  • Individual non-human nature encounters and group sharing
  • Tea ceremony
  • The culminating tea ceremony is held outside with equipment provided by the guide.  When compliant with site/trail policy, the tea is prepared from plants foraged from the site.  Forest Therapy Guides are required to consult three different reputable sources in choosing tea ingredients. Guides provide familiar tea ingredients, such as mint and lavender, when site-sourced plants are unavailable.

“Go for the walk.  It will introduce you to nature & yourself.”



“It’s really nicely-structured and surprising, and the ending ceremony is lovely.”



“I feel lighter, more playful, more ‘alive’ than I did at the beginning of the walk. I feel nourished, less stressed, and ready to be more giving.”