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meditative walks

As a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Kim promotes sensory connections with nature. Her Nature Wellness Walks are designed carefully to promote tranquility, peace, and wonder.

engaging talks

Interactive, custom-designed presentations allow Kim to combine her teaching and scholarly experience with her enthusiasm about the natural world.


What is Nature Wellness?


Nature Wellness describes the improvement to our quality of life that comes from connecting with human and more-than-human nature. It signifies the numerous benefits that come from interaction with natural environments. Cardinal Encounters’ events offer two kinds of pathways to greater nature wellness: information/knowledge-based and experience/sensory-based. 


About Kim Ruffin

Kim Ruffin is a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, educator, and author. Through her company, Cardinal Encounters, she celebrates the joys of life on Earth.


Forge a Deeper Connection with Nature

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